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We are an online marketplace that serves as an intermediary between businesses and customers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

We are a digital marketing e-commerce platform that offers authors/businesses the option of listing their goods/products for more visibility and increase in sales, thereby leading to an increase in their revenue. It also offers individuals a way to earn income by marketing goods/products and sharing the product profits in a specified percentage between independent marketers and product owners.

Why we are

Affimarts.com was created by individuals passionate about the growth of businesses and individuals as a whole. 

Due to the dwindling nature of the economy as a result of the 2019 pandemic, there became a necessity for increase in the visibility of products from businesses to the consumers to help businesses thrive amidst and beyond the pandemic and at the same time impact consumers and affiliates through the products they purchase or promote respectively.

To get in touch with the affimarts team, Please Contact Us On Our Email At support@Affimarts.Com  Or Reach Us On +2347032096816, +2349136063515

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