This Is The Type of Hair Business Secret Your Favourite Hair Vendors Wouldn’t Want You To Know.

Discover a Secret, Low Cost Method For Making a Ridiculous Amount of Money From The Hair Business.

“If there is a secret to MAKING IT BIG  in the Hair Industry, this is it!”

Do You Belong To Any Of The Categories Below?

  • You know nothing about the hair business and you’re just looking to go into it.
  • You’re looking for a simple business model to learn to make you substantial amount of money.
  • You’re already into the hair business but you only earn peanuts or not making as much money as you’re supposed to be making.
  • You buy your hairs from online vendors and have been scammed – getting a different thing from what you paid for. Ouch, that can be painful.
  • You’re a hair vendor but you buy your hair from other hair vendors for resale. (Trust me, you don’t want to be doing that. It already puts you in a position where you don’t earn enough from this business)

What if I could teach you JUST ONE SECRET ...

a secret hair business method that would solve all these problems for you and position you for big profits in the hair industry?

The secret I’m about to show you is the secret of importing Hair Extensions directly from their manufacturing countries at the factory price.

And it is called…

Hair Importation

Hair Importation simply means importing hairs from their manufacturing countries at the factory rate into your own country for resale at higher rates.

 And all this could be done from the comfort of your home just right from your phone.

 In fact, this business can be done by literally anyone.

 In this case, I’d be teaching you how to import hair extensions from majorly China, India, Vietnam and Cambodia. which are the largest producer of Hair Extensions in the whole world.

Take a look at this screenshot from an Instagram vendor…

That is natural straight 14 inches hair extension wig and it is sold by that Instagram vendor for 70,000 NGN.

Same can be imported from Vietnam for just about 51,000 NGN and that is a gain of almost 20,000 on just a hair extension.

Now imagine selling about 3 or 5 or 10 or more of this.

Amazing right?

There are even more hair extensions and wigs from many of my over 100 suppliers that would give you more return on investment than this one I made an illustrations with above…but I only wanted to give you a sneak peak.

Good news is…

Hair importation business has never been easier than it is right now. And you can do it too.

I mean… it is literally the easiest form of importation and you would be doing it right from the comfort of your home…

…from your mobile phone.

That is exactly what I’ll be revealing to you…

Hi, my name is James Oyeleye.
I'm an Entrepreneur & Life Coach and I've been in the Importation business since 2018.

And I’m about to expose you to a big secret that would transform your life.

But why should you listen to anything I say?


Over the course of my years in Importation I have been able to tutor thousands of  students in the importation business many of which now do well for themselves.

Do not just believe me, see for yourself…

I want to introduce you to my:

Hair Importation Masterclass Course.

Listen to what a student of my Hair Importation course has to say… After trying lots of half-baked Hair Importation courses, before she came across mine.

I'll Be Dividing This Process of Hair Importation Into 7 Simple Steps All Which You'll Be Learning In The Masterclass:

STEP 1: Deciding What Hair Extension To Import According to i) your budget ii) your customers’ wants iii) your chosen niche.

STEP 2: Finding the right supplier and shipping company.

STEP 3: Pre-calculating your buying and shipping fee.

STEP 4: Paying your hair supplier

STEP 5: Shipping of your goods and goods’ arrival into your country

STEP 6: Paying your shipping and clearing fee and getting your goods.


How Profitable is The Hair Importation Business?

I’ll be doing justice to this question by using a CASE STUDY of how one of my students (a newbie at this time) made almost 70% returns on her capital in her first importation.

That was her very first month in the hair business too.


CASE STUDY:  How a Newbie From My Academy Made ₦90,000 profit from the ₦135,000 she invested in Hair Importation – In Her Very First Month In The Hair Business. (That’s a Whooping 68% Profits)


Watch the video below to see. 

(case study starts from 14:48 – 24:33)

Here is everything you will be learning and getting in my Full Hair Importation training

Part #1:

Basics of Hair Extensions

Part #2:

Procurement & Shipping

Part #3:

Your Hair Business



Total Value Of This Course


Wait! I'm not done yet...

On top of that, you'll be getting...


Yes! Lifetime!

This courses are hosted permanently on this website and you'll always be able to access them with your login details which you'll have once you purchase the course.


I intentionally kept this particular bonus to the very end so that ONLY  the serious people who would read up to this point would see it.

It’s very exclusive and you’ll only be getting it if you purchase this course RIGHT NOW!

In fact, I’ll not be giving access to this bonus anymore very soon. I’m only giving it to a very few number of persons.



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You’ll be getting FREE access to the eBook version of one of my bestselling books,

The Smart Person’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

In this book, I explain my secrets and strategies for making millions of naira monthly on WHATSAPP alone selling my products.

Just WhatsApp!

Don’t underestimate the power of WhatsApp, my friend.

So, this book will be able to help you pull in massive sales using your WhatsApp.

This book is sold for N5,000 right now, but I’ll give you FREE access to it when you enrol for my Hair Extension Importation Full training RIGHT NOW!

In fact, your FREE access to this book expires soon. I don’t want too many people having access to the information in it for FREE

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What Are The Students Of This Course Saying About It?


(Tap to expand)

Well,this is a common “hindrance” for some people who want to start a business.

But I got you covered.

I’m offering you 3 solutions to that…


In my full Hair Importation Masterclass, I’m going to be teaching you how to start your Hair Importation business without using your own money at all. It’s called the “Pre-Order” method.

When I was starting out my Importation journey back in 2018, I didn’t have enough capital to start…

But I still started it without using my own money at all. Yes!


When you enroll for my full Hair Importation Masterclass, you’re already qualified to join our Wholesale Group (called the Dropshipping Club)

You know this could help you gather some capital for your business…

Here’s how we will help you in our Dropshipping club…

We import the hair, then we give you the very discounted wholesale price. You add your own profit, get a buyer and get your profit from off it.

For example, if we give you a price to be N40,000, you could add N5,000 as your own profit.

You’d get a buyer… Tell them it’s N45,000, they pay you, you pay us N40,000, tell us the buyers address and we handle the rest.


We are also creating a system.

It’s an affiliate network system.

We let you affiliate for our courses at HairFuge Academy and all my own other courses by recommending it to people and get up to 50% commission on each sale.

We’ll provide you with everything you need.

From the promotional materials, to your own deducted landing pages and sales pages… To even your own dashboard where you keep track of your work to see how many people tapped your link to buy the course and who exactly bought.

Boom!! With these 3 solutions, even if you don’t have capital, you can see you have no problem.

3 in every 5 students who attend our Hair Importation classes have had this belief that they need a VERY HUGE CAPITAL to kickstart their Hair Business with Importation.

And for a long time, this belief has held them back from trying Hair Importation at all until they came across my academy and we demystify that myth for them.

People think you need a fortune to start a hair business.

Back in the days when Hair Importation was not as easy as this, it might be true that you needed a VERY HUGE CAPITAL to begin Hair Importation business but NOT ANYMORE.

So YES! You can kickstart your Hair Importation Business with the little capital you have.

The idea (behind starting any business) is to start as small as you can, then you can SCALE your business as you go on.

If you keep waiting for that HUGE CAPITAL to accumulate, then you may just never start. That’s same for anything worthwhile in life: If you keep waiting for the right time to do something great, you may never start at all.

You see…this Hair Business Industry is so vast that you will always find a niche affordable enough for you to start with.

There are the raw hair niche; virgin hair niche; human hair blend niche; synthetic niche and so on.

Now we all know that synthetic hairs are less expensive than human hair blend and human hair blends are less expensive than raw and virgin hair.

There are even the eye lashes niche and other hair products niche.

You don’t necessarily have to start with the most expensive niche in the market.

Start with the less expensive niche if your capital for a start would not do much in other niches.

There is always a market for every kinds of niche you decide to go into, whether its synthetic hairs or human hairs.

Also whether you can import hair with the little capital you have also depends on the quantity you intend to import no matter the niche you go into. Obviously, it won’t cost you the same amount of capital to import 10 units of hair extensions and 50 units of hair extensions.

So if your capital would only be able to import 5 units in a particular niche, go for it and keep scaling on and on till you grow your business big.


Here’s your solution to that…

In my Hair Importation course, there’s a section dedicated to teaching you exactly how to be successful in your Hair business (if you scroll back up to the lesson outlines, you’d see that there.)

I’ll be giving you the tips to sell easily with my strategies that I’ve been using for years.

On top of that, if you’re fast enough in enrolling for my Masterclass, you’ll be getting FREE access to my eBook, The Smart Person’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing where I’ve revealed the strategies to help you sell using WhatsApp – the same strategies that’s helped me pull in tens of millions of naira in sales from my WhatsApp alone.


This is not a WhatsApp class…

This is a proper course that consist of over 21 video lesson where I personally teach you and walk you through.

You get access to your course immediately.

I don’t have a time limit on this Hair Importation course.

So, you’ll always have access to it anytime you want.

All you need is to log in to your account on this website and access your course.

Price goes to ₦20,000 by MAY 30TH