paypal for digital creators

A clear path to opening a working PayPal account that receives funds without PayPal violations and life-changing bonuses.

Get past the Paypal restrictions and scale your offers and freelance gigs to more high paying international clients.

If you have faced the frustration of Paypal access in Nigeria and Ghana as a Digital creator, then you know just how important it is to be able to receive international payments without cutting corners or violating policies.

This program contains weeks of research, screenshots, voice recordings and very clear steps to getting past the Paypal restrictions so you can receive your earned funds without:

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Smart Omeh

Graphics Designer

Being a designer on Fiverr, I have faced major loses ofnmy earnings due to the Paypal restrictions. I foundnthis Ebook from a freelancer friend when I leastnexpected it and it's been a life-saver. It's so valuablenbecause it opened me up to additional income streamnwhich am thankful.


I created a Youtube channel on fitness for womennand created my first Digital products to be sold. Instruggled to get my earnings for over 3 months andnthis guide got me set up in less than 1 hour.nI'm in Nigeria and I have a Paypal account that worksnjust fine. I would have honestly travelled later in thenyear to create an account because I was frustrated.

Luch Viviann

Fitness Guru

Hey creator! Iu2019m Chioma.Iu2019m a Blog Coach and Pinterest Consultant.

I took the jump from my job to starting an online business fully 2020. I have had my fair frustration of getting paid through Paypal and lost deals worth a few thousand dollars.nI consciously took the time to learn all there is about getting my own Paypal account that would receive funds and have no withdrawal limits. This guide is proof that I found it and you are about to get it too

You no longer have to leave money on the table. Get paid full price for what you are worth

Get some helpful and high value bonuses to expand your online business internationally:


PayPal Alternatives

The best premium alternatives to Paypal for Africans


Make Extra Income

In-demand way to make good extra income with your Paypal account


Get US/UK account for free

Learn how to get a US and UK bank account with Barclays bank, First Century bank and Wirecard bank account numbers with debit card for free.


Register as a US business

Learn the formula for registering your online business as a US LLC even if you are not a US citizen. This would open you up to opportunities as a US Entrepreneur even if you never travel

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We're happy to make you this promise: TRY PAYPAL FOR DIGITAL CREATORS. If you're notnwowed with the value you're getting for your investment, we'llnhappily return your payment, no questions asked.

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