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Then you too can do this...

If I had 31 days to generate an urgent 500k!

This is exactly what i would do because

AFTER He lost His importation Business worth Millions of Naira to Kidnappers,

This 25years old millionaire has Revealed the True life story of How:

He was almost Kicked out of His Apartment by his Landlord, Fought for his life against Depression and Started a New Business that helped him pay his rent and made him a Millionaire AGAIN

5-times faster than his former business.

Paschal even says that if he had just 31 days to generate an urgent #500k,

This is exactly what he'll do and that anybody can do this business.

Who else has this model worked for?

I made my first sale two weeks after taking this program

Got paid even while writing exams

What brought you here?


From the desk of the creator


“Mbaka Paschal”


Dear Friend,

If you are an averagely smart person like me, 


then you should know by now that 90% of make money online opportunities out there are SCAMS,

And what is even more crazy is the fact that a lot of people are still falling for these scams with the reason being one of the following:

1. They are Desperate and are willing to throw their money and spend their time on anything that can make fast cash. 




2. They don’t understand the foundations.


 If you actually took out time to watch the video above till the end you should already know whether the SFZ Program is a Scam or not.

Because this video you see above could have been watered down to a simple 5 minutes tutorial where I could have explained everything to you in a hurry,


You don’t need something short,


You don’t need another shortcut that won’t get you anywhere.


What You actually need is Discipline and Direction and an in-depth walkthrough. 

You need someone that will hold you by the hands and teach you exactly what to do.


“see, don’t type this, send it like this instead, do it here, by so so time”


and that’s what I want to do for you, if you’ll let me…

But Wait,

What makes me think I’m qualified enough to help you make money online???

How can you be sure that you can even trust me?

Well You see,

After Losing my Importation Business, I became Frustrated and completely confused about my life.

I was desperate and I started looking for anything I could do to make enough Money to pay my rent before my landlord kicked me out of the apartment.

I wasn’t sure if money could be made online, 

but because of my situation,

I had no other option and that was when I decided to try to make money online.

When I started, everything was new to me and I had no one to teach or mentor me.

I scavenged the internet, jumping from one free WhatsApp class to another looking for the best way to make Money Online

And for months, I made Zero naira and almost gave up hope about making money online, 

I was even ready to conclude that making money online was a lie and a waste of time

Until One-day, while I was scrolling through Facebook,


I came across a video of a guy called wifi boss, based in the US


Making over 50 million a month,


from a business,


He retired him mom, bought his family a car,

all with hard core proof, and my eyes went wild.



I started making research, is this possible in my country Nigeria.

 I found out that it was actually possible and i began learning,

I told Myself,


It’s either I make money from this Business or I Die

And Today, the rest is History…

I say so because from this very business,

 I was able to make enough money to pay for my rent.

I settled all my financial problems and even clocked 7 figures AGAIN all with this business.

So what is this business that changed my life for the best and can it change your life as well?

Before I tell you what this business is, if you haven’t watched the Video yet, You should, it’s very important.

The name of the business I was introduced to that changed my life is known as AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which affiliates( people like you and I) promote products or services on behalf of a company and earn a commission for each sale or lead that they generate.

It is a performance-based marketing strategy in which affiliates are rewarded for driving traffic and sales to a business.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that changes people’s lives, but it should not be confused for A SKILL. I’ll explain what I mean in a second, just follow me…

Like I told you,

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which affiliates promote the products or services of a company and earn a commission for each sale or lead they generate,

While there are certainly skills involved in affiliate marketing, such as


understanding how to effectively promote products and services, write compelling content, and track and analyze data,

The core of affiliate marketing is the business model itself. 

It is a way for companies to reach new customers and for affiliates to earn income by promoting those products or services.

In other words, affiliate marketing is not a skill in and of itself,

but rather a way to monetize a range of skills and expertise.

Success in affiliate marketing requires a combination of skills, including marketing, sales, and business development, as well as the ability to effectively promote products and services to a target audience.

In affiliate marketing, affiliates typically use various marketing tactics, such as writing product reviews, creating social media posts, and running paid advertisements,

 to promote the products or services of a company. 

They are then paid a commission for each sale or lead that they generate through their marketing efforts.

I have already demonstrated all these in the video in the simplest and most understanding way.


Everything you need to start,

has been broken down in the starting-from-zero program 


and you can see the proof From the testimonials, facts and figures I and my students have made so far.

But you might be wondering,


 If this Business is truly as powerful as I claim it to be, 


Then why am I Sharing my powerful source of income with a complete stranger like you?


If it is truly working, then why would I want to teach the world, why not keep it to myself?


Won’t it become too common if everybody knows about it and starts doing it?



You are not wrong for thinking this way, in fact you are very smart if you asked yourself this question, 



Let me explain why I created the SFZ Program, how it is different from other programs out there and also answer your Question.


You see,

I am retired now from Affiliate Marketing, 


What I now do is build software products that help businesses scale from thousands of naira to millions of naira.

In other words, i build companies now.

I had people looking up to me from the early days when I started, these people have asked me to teach them:


  • How I structured my affiliate marketing business


  • The Strategies I used back then to make money like the time I made 1.2 million in 4 days and so much more

Because they too want to copy my process and make money just like I did and that is exactly what I have done in the SFZ Program.

The SFZ Program is not the only program out there that teaches You affiliate Marketing but what makes the SFZ different and more powerful is that in this program,

First off, since i am no longer in the business, i will have no hesitation in teach every single thing i now about the business,

Others will not do this because you will become their competition.


  • You will learn the exact process I followed to get myself back up even after losing my First business to Kidnappers 


  • You will learn how to manage your time and deal with things such as Self doubt and Procrastination

  • You will Learn how to make Money with several other skills in the program even if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing itself

See, i am done explaining here.

No one is coming to push you to take action, shege and sapa does not discriminate,

It humbles the arrogant,
It melts the hardened.

To do justice to the video,
Here is everything you will be learning in the starting from zero program.
(things i could not fit into the video and more are constantly being added.)

1. My story ( And why i choose the name “starting from zero” as a tittle for the full program)
2. what is your why and how you can use it to fuel your desire to win.
3. How to get results with the sfz

4. Understanding Value in exchange for money

5. Becoming an important person to others
6. Filtering information
7. Building your self image
8. How to get scammed online (yes, you will be scam proof if you know exactly what to expect)
9. Technical concept drill
10. Mindset drill using powerful books
12. Generating seed funds up to 400k monthly
13. Introduction to social media services
14. Funding social media service account
15. The four crucial steps to make 400k per month.
16. Your brand
17. Finding social media business clients that will pay you up to 20k for a 10 minutes job.
18. simple canva design for your brand
20. What can be promoted
21. Platform Aff
22. Platform Ex
23. Affiliate marketing terminologies
24. 750k method Product research
25. Mind altering research using simple google forms
26. Things to consider before promoting a product
27. WhatsApp and tiktok marketing
28. Running profitable ads on WhatsApp that makes an average of 100k weekly, and how to drive sales using tiktok ( very little people know this)
29. How to quickly increase your WhatsApp status views for massive conversion including using an auto responder that automatically replies your dms
30. How to perform result driven, semi automatic, and automatic follow ups sequence,
31. Negotiating ad costs
32. contacts of 30+ WhatsApp TVs with 3k-20k views/24hours
33. Using the attraction method to get people to yourself
34. How to use bots to automatically save thousands of contacts on WhatsApp (saves you 10k a day in time wasted manually saving contacts )
35. How to scrape and develop selling contents from YouTube, tiktok and social media for your audience
36. How to create content without having to appear in videos
and to automatically save thousands of WhatsApp contacts using a bot
37. How to engage and build trust with strangers online
38. Influencer marketing and how it can boost your sales
39. Using WhatsApp to promote affiliate products
Understanding lead magnets
40. Understanding Funnels and how you can use it to automate every single money making activity
41. Understanding funnel components
42. Understanding the importance of pre-framing before selling and how it can boost conversions by 30%
43. Recap on everything so far
44. Hands on Practical on everything explained so far (on my phone and laptop screen)
45. Breaking down Technicalities and big words.
47. Understanding how domains and hosting work
48. Buying Domains
49.Buying Hosting
50. working with cPanel
51. Breaking down webpage designs for our funnel
52. Themes and plugins
53. How to quickly design opt in pages in minutes
54. Introduction to Email marketing
55. How to create lists and newsletters
56.How to connect opt-in pages to email list via Api (stress free)
57.How to create web flows (step by step)
58. How to scrape content for pre-frame pages
59. Automating your business
60. Web customizations
61.Tracking web visitors
62. Promoting your business and brand
63. Advanced traffic generation
64. How to stand out while promoting products
65. Introduction Facebook advertising
66. Facebook advertising mistakes
67. Setting up foundations and ad accounts
68. Setting up your very first campaigns
69. Conversion ads
70. Google ads (coming soon)
71. Video editing for your ads (coming soon)
72. How to build funnels fast without using WordPress



That Is Not all, There Is More.


1. 50+ Books on copywriting, building businesses and personal development all worth (N150,000)

Without copywriting skills, you will struggle with all the businesses i am handing over to you, a good copywriting skills, a sane mind and a good business mind is all you need to succeed,

You will be getting all these FREE!! INSTEAD OF PAYING 150,000 NAIRA FOR IT.

2. Accountability Facebook and telegram Group chat Worth over (N20,000) yearly

I perfectly understand that having all these knowledge can be overwhelming, and sometimes, all you need is support and someone to ask question, i will be there for you in this group, other students will be there with you.

This is a private locked group that you would have paid 25,000 naira to enter.

You get it FREE

3. Bot for automatically saving contacts on WhatsApp.

I will be teaching you how to grow your WhatsApp status views from less than 100 to over 500 views in less than 30 days. What this means that, 100s of people will be chatting you up, fighting to connect with you.

You can’t possibly start saving all their contacts one by one, i will give you a WhatsApp Bot that can save thousands of contacts at once, in minutes.

3. Premium Marketing softwares all worth N50,000 Per Annum (Premium Thrive and elementor plugins)

You see this page you are on right now, it was built with a page builder that costs 25,000 naira per year,

But i will give mine to you so you won’t have to pay a dime.

In fact, i will give you two different page builders both worth 50k per year



4. Never ending group zoom calls for live questions and support (N20,000) PER YEAR

You want to see me face to face online and ask me questions, i got you,

but people pay me for that.

In fact, i easily charge 50k for for a 7 times meet physical strategy coaching.

and i increase my cost as dollar rises.

For you, FREE!

5. Free One on one question and answer sessions over the phone if you qualify (N54,000)

6. Every month, i will personally mentor 2 qualifying persons for 30 days straight (200,000)

7. You will get a supply of ready made words (swipe files) for selling affiliate products.

Just as Jesus did for his disciples, i will give you the words to say

because i have dealt with super introverts like myself.

All i had to do was to tell them exactly what to type and post, and they made money doing exactly that.


How much are you getting everything?

Not 200k,

Not 100k ( yet)

Not 62,000


N40,000 naira.
( There is no guarantee whatsoever on the price staying so for long, you can try to make payment now and the price might be something different and will continue to do so.)

Watch this video below

N4.6 million naira

N40,000 price won’t last for long. (Target price is 50,000 naira)

The ball is now in your court.

Time is running out.

Others will take advantage of this,

2023 will also come and go, whether you make the move now, or not.

Others are getting results and making a lot of money for themselves, The price of the program will keep going up,

If you leave this page only to come back and meet a higher price, the fault will be yours,

There is no need to give you pep talks or convince you, only you know what is right for you,
You know what you need to do to change your situation, the ball is now in your court..

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need a laptop, what you need is any device that can access whatsapp, Instagram, google chrome or tiktok.

This program is not a pdf or an e-book you have to read,

This is a self-paced video program,

Me, sitting down on camera, showing and pointing out every step you have to take, step by step.

You simply have to do exactly what i do.

You are not going into a convincing business,
You will learn how to recommend helpful  products and services to people that actually need it, and make lots of money doing so because

1. I will show you what to sell,
2. Show you who to sell to
3. And show you how to sell it to them.

I will be handing over to you all the tools you need to succeed.

At the end of this program,

You will be going home with TWO ON DEMAND SKILLS that will continue to make you over 400k  Month in, month out.

I will leave no stones unturned for you.

All i ask in return is a wonderful testimonial just as others have done.

I once had someone pay for the program, download it, asked for a refund, then went ahead to pirate the program on selar for cheap.

Because of this selfish incident, All sales are final, 

If you want to change your life, you need to stay committed,

It has worked for others, it will work for you.

The starting from-zero program has a WhatsApp, telegram and Facebook group, you will be provided with all the links to these groups where you will continue to get support.

If you need more convincing, then this business is not for you, I want people who can easily identify what they want and go for it, 

However, if questions are what you have,

Kindly reach out to whoever sent you to this page, or you can reach me directly on Twitter dms @mbaka_paschal 

Click the blue button to make payment, After payment, an email bearing your registration link will be sent to you, and you will be granted access immediately.