• The starting from zero program

    The starting from zero program is a complete on demand video format digital training on

    1. Social media services

    2. Affiliate marketing.

    This program contains over 40 on demand video trainings,

    Your audience or who ever you sell this to will forever be grateful


  • Amazon KDP Blueprint

    In this course, I will take you on a personal journey on how to start and earn with Amazon KDP publishing.

    This course is for you even if:

    1. You’re a stay at home mom
    2. A busy employee
    3. An affiliate marketer
    4. A writer
    5. A non-writer
    6. A student
    7. Even if you haven’t written a thing before
    8. Anyone willing to learn a valuable skill
    9. You haven’t made a dime online
    10. Anyone who want to build a side or full business that earns in dollars
  • Mini Ads Magic

    Sold By: Damola

    Welcome to the MINI ADS MAGIC,

    Right now, you are considering if this is a kind of product you want to promote, well, let me give you reasons.

    I am sure you heard people say Facebook ads doesn’t work, well, i am the guy that makes it work, see

    I made $3,742.52 (N2,095,520) running Facebook advert, and i spent just $35.64  (money i paid to Facebook) and all these happened within 7 days with a single Facebook Ads Campaign…

    I used a simple technique, and this technique is known by very few people. 

    This is what the course is all about.

    Take out time and read the descriptions down below

    Sold By: Damola

    Mini Ads Magic

  • The Complete Guide to Making Money on Fiverr 2021

    Sold By: Kennyohio
    • Are you seeking to master WHAT it takes to freelance and earn money on Fiverr?
    • Are you a Freelance expert WHO wants to expand in the gig economy on Fiverr?

    This book is an “ALL-in-ONE” encompassing guide to making money on Fiverr with simple service offerings. All guides have been strategically mapped out comprehensively to journey you through the freelance world with Fiverr

  • How to Make Money Through Real Estate From Home

    Learn how to make money through real estate from the comfort of your home


    Sold By: Iamtundegold


    – Be available for your children and family whenever you needed or wanted to

    – Say goodbye to a stressful 9-5 for good

    – Gain complete flexibility and freedom over your time

    – Stop worrying about money by bringing extra income to your household

    If your answer is yes to some or all of the above then you are right where you need to be.

    This course has everything you need to become a VA and saves you the time you spend thinking and researching on how to start your virtual assistant career.

    Take action now!

  • Layman guide to writing words that sell

    Sold By: DolapoHamzat

    The Layman guide to writing words that sell is an online course that teaches newbies, intermediate and expert copywriters how to perfect their copy skill and make money with it.

    The course will show you how to get better with copywriting.

    The course will also show you how to sell your copywriting skill and get paid in foreign currencies.

  • The EASIEST and MOST ACCESSIBLE Way To Relocate To Canada This Year!!

    Sold By: seyiobasi

    Welcome to the ‘No Hassle’ Naija To Canada Japa System.

    Are you wondering what the Naija To Canada Japa System is, and if it is the kind of product you want to promote? It actually is an amazing product to promote for the following reasons.

    I am sure you are aware that Canada is one of the top countries to immigrate to. I am sure you are also aware that a LOT of people are looking for a way to ‘japa’ to ‘the abroad’. 

    But a lot of them are clueless as to how to go about it and for this reason, they have been duped several times by unscrupulous agents.

    And that is where I come in!

    The Naija To Canada Japa System is the same system that I and a lot of my friends, family, and clients have used to ‘japa’ to Canada.

    Not only did we Japa. This Japa system has helped us become Canada permanent residents!! Amazing, right?

    This course can work this same ‘magic’ for people who purchase and follow the step by step system. 

    What are you waiting for?

    Take out time and read the descriptions below and start selling 🙂

  • Hair Importation Masterclass

    Hey, want to know if this is a great product to promote? Got you!

    Hair Importation Masterclass is a complete course with 9 modules and 26 video lessons where I teach the A-Z of Hair Importation (from China, India, Vietnam and Cambodia).

    It’s just not a Hair importation course but a complete guide on how to start or run a successful hair business and using hair importation as the lifeline.

    Which mean in this course, I didn’t just throw some lessons to students on just how to import hair but I started from scratch teaching them the basics of hair extensions, what it is, how it came about, the types we have, the quality they come in and etc.

    Then I went ahead to teach them how to begin their own hair business using hair importation, everything they need to know before starting, mistakes to avoid, how to win big and dominate and etc.

    The course is suitable for anyone who knows nothing about either:
    – hair extensions;
    – the hair business itself; or
    – hair importation

    The course is also suitable for people who are already in the hair business (whether they already import themselves or don’t) to teach them the badass strategies to position themselves for maximum profits and dominate the hair business industry.


  • WhatsApp Magnet Blueprint

    Sold By: Chisom Okoye

    Discover This Simple Method I Use To Turn Complete Strangers into Customers Without Chasing After them to Buy.

    Whether you’re…

    A Physical Product Seller that wants to sell more units of your physical product

    Newbie looking to sell anything on the internet and make money

    A Course Creator  Who wants to sell more

    An Affiliate Marketer  that wants to generate sales for his affiliate business

    You can make a reasonable figure selling every week by following these steps.

    But for you to make a huge figure selling on WhatsApp, you must know the strategies to attract people and turn them from strangers to buyers.

    And these are strategies you cannot find on YouTube or Google.

    You need this  Step-by-Step Guide that helped my students and me collectively generate over N10 million in 6 months …

    Here is the Sneak Peek of What you’ll Learn from this Blueprint…

    • How to Understand Your Dream Customer
    • Why You Need A Sale Funnel
    • How to Use Lead Magnet To Grow Your WhatsApp
    • How To Use WhatsApp Class As A Lead Magnet
    • How To Create A Free One-Page-Website Or Landing Page With Your Phone
    • WhatsApp Automation
    • How To Create An Irresistible Offer

    With lots of bonuses…

  • Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program

    Affiliate marketing accelerator program is a course that teaches a newbie how to go from zero to the pro level
    Affiliate marketing accelerator program simplifies affiliate marketing to the simplest form and shows you tye straight path to making lots of money as an affiliate
    I explained all the strategies that has helped me make lots of sales as an affiliate over the years inside the course, everything that I’ve done and how anyone can replicate it.
    Also in affiliate marketing accelerator program you get to learn how you can earn in dollars doing affiliate marketing with platforms like Warriorplus, Gumrod, partnerstack.

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