Joe Okoro
Joe Okoro

Abuja, Nigeria

  • Course Launch In 14 Days! by Joe Okoro

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    The Course Launch In 14 Days details the following…

    • The 4 factors that you need to implement in your online course to make it sell like hot cakes the moment you list it on any affiliate platforms
    • You’ll discover the 3 most effective questions to ask to help you create your course contents
    • You’ll find out the 5 areas that will allow you to select a profitable course topic for your course.
    • You’ll discover the 15 most lucrative niche topics and their sub-topics that you can build your course around.
    • You’ll discover the 5 things you need to arrive at your own topic for a course, even if you’ve never written a course before.
    • You learn the 5 things needed to become what we call the “In The Process Expert” which is one factor that helps you create courses that sell.
    • Find out what it takes to create a course curriculum or course contents
    • Discover the 5-step guide that expert course creators take to plan their course.
    • Find out the best and most favoured format for your online course, and why this will continue to get you the most patronage over time.
    • Watch over my shoulder as I show you a case study on how I created a course from start to finish [You’ll see the recording, tools I used, and the processes involved]
    • Find what a Video Sales Letter [VSL] is and how to create a world class VSL that will sell tons of your online course
    • Find out the solution to reasonably pricing your course and the 5 factors that determines your course price.
    • Discover the 5 things that help you to justify a price increase for your online course once it becomes a best seller.
    • Discover what a Sales Funnel is, and why you need to create a Sales Funnel for your online course.
    • Find out why your online course will fail without a Sales Funnel and how a sales funnel could help you do a regular 6 or 7 figure income each and every month selling your course online.
    • Find out the 10 ways to multiply your online course sales so that you have a potential of selling 5,000 copies of your course, your first year.

    – And many many many more…